back Ethereum blockchain

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, EWO tokens "on-chain" transactions incur the Ethereum network fee. Those fees are variable and dependent on the Ethereum network status. At peak times fees may be higher and transactions may take longer. It is important to keep this in mind when using EWO place.

  • EWO does not charge fees of its own, but the Ethereum network do and that applies to most transactions. Earnings paid into subscriptions are an exception, they do not incur any fees as they are not performed "on-chain" until a withdraw is made.

The EWO place app has wallets for EWO tokens and Ether ( ETH ), Ethereum's native currency. This allows users to keep separated balances ready for transactions.

There are numerous ways to purchase Ether ( ETH ). Exchanges, apps and services are available globally. When purchasing EWO tokens directly within the EWO app, if your ETH balance is too low or zero, a "dust" ( small amount ) of ETH is usually sent to you with your purchased EWO tokens without cost.