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Invitations are the built-in referral program of EWO place.

Get FREE tokens into your subscription by inviting someone or being invited to join EWO place. No limits on how much you can earn or people you can invite. That said, you can only accept an invitation once.

What todo if you have been invited :

  1. Get the official app,
  2. Go to Account > About you, and enter the invitation code,
  3. Get some tokens and stake any amount into a subscription.

That's all! - Free tokens will be added as a bonus payout into your new subscription, the same will happen to whoever invited you!

How to invite others :

  1. Make sure you have a subscription,
  2. Go to Account > About you, and press "Invite others",
  3. Share your invitation code by text, email or any other way.

Done! - For every new user that subscribes using your code you will receive a payout with free tokens right into your most recent subscription.

Conditions to avoid misuse :

The option to invite others only appears if a subscription to receive tokens is present. Accounts without at least one transaction completed via in-app purchase, token swap or the web token dispenser can not claim invitation payout until they have done one.