back How subscriptions work

Subscriptions allow you to earn rewards by keeping or maintaining a balance of EWO tokens into an EWO property or group of properties, a process called “staking”. Subscription staking and withdrawals are on-chain transactions, meaning they incur Ethereum network fees, may take a few minutes to complete and appears on the blockchain publicly.

  • While subscribed or staked, tokens are unavailable for use in the wallet until withdrawn or "un-staked".

  • There are no limits for stake or withdrawals, except when a subscription is fully taken ( 100% subscribed ). In this case no further staking is allowed.

  • Users can withdraw from their subscriptions balances as often as they like. Including the whole balance at any time.

  • Only balances kept in the subscriptions and within the payout periods can earn rewards.

  • Compounding rule. Earnings not withdrawn by subscribers are added to their staked amount ( compounding ) until the subscription itself becomes fully taken. From that point, no further staking is allowed, earnings continue as normal without compounding.