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Important. If you already setup an account with your device, deleted the app for some reason, installed again and just want to continue as usual, select “unlock” to simply enter your access code when required!

Now... if you are trying to restore a different account into the app while another is in use, first you need to remove the current account from the device ( Make sure you have the “seed” of any account before removing it ). Go to “Account” section on the app and select “Remove account from device”. Once done you can run the app again to create new or restore account.

Restoring ( importing ) an account :

  1. Run the app and touch "Welcome" at the top of the screen, select "Create or import account", then “Import from mnemonic phrase”.
  2. Type the set of 12 words or the phrase "seed" in the correct order.
  3. If prompted to create a passcode to secure the app, just do it.

That's all, your account is restored and ready for use.