back Must-read before joining

Before joining and becoming an EWO member it is really important to keep in mind and agree with ALL of the following :

  • First and foremost, you must make sure that you are allowed by the law and regulations in your country or jurisdiction ( whatever it may be ) to engage in crypto related matters, utilising tokens or cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems. This includes interacting in any other way not described here.

  • It is important to have a good grasp of concepts such as blockchain, tokens and cryptocurrencies in general. Remember that all of it, including the EWO systems are experimental, without any kind of guarantees! You must be comfortable and knowledgeable before joining or utilising such platforms.

  • EWO place is NOT an investment in Real Estate or an investment of any kind! Instead, EWO is a simple club-like subscription with its own token rewards, designed around Real Estate.

  • From time to time you may enjoy or be offered special use of EWO locations, discounts or perks as a member. You must acknowledge that this will not entitle you to any claim, rights or ownership ( as a whole or fractions ) in any shape, way or form.

  • As with most cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens, EWO tokens are not backed by assets or securities of any type ( be it from EWO or anyone else ). Tokens do not represent shares in the company, rights, participation, dividends or revenue of any sort. EWO tokens do not represent value today or in the future. EWO tokens are solely designed as a virtual reward within its own platform and for its users only, in a similar way as “miles” used in airlines loyalty programs, or “points” in videogames.

  • Engaging in trading, speculation, bartering or any other use of EWO tokens outside the EWO place environment is not recommended, endorsed, controlled or linked to EWO place in any way.

  • Blockchain technology is experimental, risky and still in its infancy. As such, there is a real chance of a catastrophic failure, discontinuation of service and hacks. EWO place makes no guarantees in maintaining, securing or updating any of its own systems or third party ones, including those related to EWO tokens.

Using EWO place is at your own risk !