back Secure your account

The most important thing you can do to secure you account is to keep mnemonic set of 12 words or “seed” ( shown when you first created your account ) private. Anyone with your recovery phrase can gain access to your account. These words are used to generate all the private keys of your addresses on the blockchain. EWO has no way to unlock or restore accounts, those words are generated on your device, never sent to EWO systems or servers, and only shown to you!

Other important steps are setting up a password to restrict access to the app and "remove account from device" if you do not intend to keep your device any longer. Under the Account section of there app you can find the following options :

  • Change password. Replaces the current pin code or password that restricts access to the app.

  • Face or touch ID. This option ( or equivalent supported by your device ) allows your access code to be replaced by fingerprint or face detection.

  • Backup account seed. This shows the mnemonic set of 12 words or "seed" that were first generated when you created your account. Write those down in the same order they appear ( left to right, top to bottom ) to keep a backup and keep it safe.

  • Remove account from device. Completely remove the account encrypted keys from the actual device. Once done you can use the app to create a new or restore an existing account.