back Subscription staking

Subscriptions allow you to earn rewards by keeping a balance in EWO tokens, a process called “staking”. You can withdraw part or all of your balance whenever you like ( unsubscribing ).

  • Select a subscription, check details, pictures and uptake ( the percentage already subscribed shown as a doughnut chart ).

  • Tap the “Subscribe” button to enter your first “stake” amount. Once completed, your subscription balance will appear replacing the words on the button with withdraw and “+” buttons becoming available.

  • To withdraw, just tap the icon depicting a "coin and hand" on the left of your balance, and enter the amount desired.

  • If you already hold a balance on a subscription, you can “stake” more tokens by taping the add “+“ button on the right of your balance.

Remember. Staking takes EWO tokens from your EWO wallet and sends it to the EWO place subscription selected, withdrawing works the other way around. Both use the Ethereum blockchain and incur their network fees.

  • While subscribed, after your second transaction, you will notice that a chart with your payouts, withdrawals and staking will appear below the balance button ( replacing the uptake chart ). You can interact with and use the chart as your statement.