back Swap or buy tokens

The official EWO place app has a built-in feature that allows you to buy EWO tokens or simply swap Ether ( ETH ) for EWO. Between the sending and receiving icons in each of the wallets is the buy or swap feature.

  • The buy option, on the EWO wallet allows you to acquire 5 tokens at once, using your device’s preferred payment method, like any other in-app purchase. When buying EWO tokens and holding no Ether ( ETH ), a “dust” or small amount of ETH may be sent to you free of charge. There is a maximum number of purchases you may be allowed to do in a set of hours for security reasons.

  • The swap option on the Ether wallet allows you to convert Ether ( ETH ) into EWO tokens in a easy way. Simply enter the amount of ETH to see the corresponding EWO tokens to receive, confirm and the system will do it all. The in-app swap feature and the web tokens dispenser ( see main website ) are the recommended way to acquire EWO tokens in larger amounts.