back Using wallets

The EWO place official app has two wallets, one for EWO tokens and the other for Ether ( ETH ). Their main features are :

  • Balance display. Token balances are shown with its approximated current value in the currency of your choice. For the EWO wallet, an additional line for “staked” balance is also shown when subscriptions are used. Remember that subscribed balances aren’t available to use until they are withdraw back into the wallet.

  • Receiving tokens. Tap the "arrow down" to bring into view your wallet’s public address and its QR code. Options to share or copy the address are available. Scanning the code or using the “Ethereum address” listed allows anyone to send you EWO tokens or Ether ( ETH ). Both assets are held under the same address.

  • Sending tokens. Tap the "arrow up" to bring the screen with the asset selection ( EWO or ETH, tap to change ), the recipient address field and the QR code icon to scan one with the camera. Also available under the "spanner icon" is the advance feature to change and/or preview the Gas price levels ( Ethereum transaction fees ).

  • Buy or Swap tokens. Between sending and receiving icons is the option to buy directly or swap Ether ( ETH ) into EWO tokens.

  • Transactions list. Below the wallet main controls, a list of transactions is presented, touch any item to see it in more details.